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At Anthem Rehab Physio & Sports Clinic, we provide excellent patient-care utilizing evidence-based treatments to help achieve your health and fitness goals. We believe in a multidisciplinary approach to wellness which includes physiotherapy, registered massage therapy, kinesiology and active rehab / personal training.

Our specialized services include chronic pain, temporomandibular disorders / orofacial pain, vestibular and concussion rehabilitation, male pelvic floor physiotherapy, sports rehabilitation and personal training.

✓ One-to-one appointments
✓ Private treatment rooms
✓ Personalized movement rehabilitation
✓ Treatments based on YOUR goal

Sid Anandkumar

Registered Physiotherapist

Sid is a registered Physical therapist who graduated his master’s program from Coventry University (International School of Physiotherapy) in 2013 with a gold medal and a distinction and has obtained a Certification in Orthopaedics and Manual Physical therapy from the Institute of therapeutic sciences (Michigan) and Sri Ramachandra University. He has given a TEDx talk titled “Low back pain – myths vs facts” in 2018 (Chilliwack) and is the recipient of the 2019 Physiotherapy Association of British Columbia (PABC) award of excellence (clinical contribution).

Sid has taken courses in the Mulligan concept, Neurodynamics, Dry needling / GUNN IMS, Acupuncture, Myofascial release, Concussion, and Vestibular rehabilitation.

Sid has published many research articles in international peer-reviewed journals and is the author of the book “Fixing Jaw Pain”. His current clinical interests surround chronic pain, temporomandibular joint disorders / orofacial pain, and male pelvic floor physiotherapy.

In his free time, Sid loves to run, hike, paint, write poetry, and laze in bed with a book.

Jasmine Parmar

Registered Kinesiologist

Jasmine graduated from the University of the Fraser Valley with a Bachelor of Kinesiology with a major in exercise science. She has also obtained a Sports Science Diploma from Douglas College.

Jasmine is currently working as a Kinesiologist providing active rehabilitation services. While working as a kinesiologist, she is continuing her education and is in the process of completing her Master’s in Physiotherapy.

Jasmine believes that the key to a fast and effective recovery is exercise and movement. Exercise not only helps you stay fit, but it also helps regain strength in the injured parts of the body.

Cassandra Piovesan

Registered Massage Therapist

Cassandra has her diploma in Clinical Massage Therapy and has experience in treating using deep tissue and scar tissue techniques. Having studied and practiced as an RMT in Alberta, she spent her practicum treating injuries from motor vehicle accidents, surgical outpatients from the University of Alberta hospital. She also has experience treating a variety of stress and postural conditions. She is thrilled to serve the community in her home province of BC.

Phillip Tith

Registered Massage Therapist

Phillip began his massage career in 2008 in Toronto, Ontario. Having worked at a rehabilitation centre early in his career, he has treated patients with various conditions such as fractures, sprains and fibromyalgia. Phillip also practiced at a spa and yoga studio where he treated a variety of clients, mainly office desk workers dealing with chronic posturing, clients with stress and weekend warriors. In 2016, he moved to BC to continue his practice and enjoy the West coast life.

Whether it is treatment or relaxation, he takes the time to understand clients’ need and comfort level to provide an enjoyable and effective massage.

When he is not massaging, he loves to travel around. He enjoys his walk with his dog everyday.

Jun Koo Kang

Registered Massage Therapist

Jun graduated from the West Coast College of Massage Therapy in British Columbia. He truly understands the importance of well-being and how his profession contributes to longevity filled with abundant health. His personal experience in competitive sports including golf, basketball, and Judo/Jiu Jitsu has offered him great lessons in rehabilitation and conditioning.

Jun also has a keen interest in fitness and weightlifting. He is an experienced personal trainer with a Sports Science Diploma from Douglas College. Whether you are looking for therapeutic
work or simply looking for maintenance, Jun has the knowledge and dedication to help you achieve your goals.

Jun treats a range of patients including health-care workers and athletes and has experience in dealing with a diverse range of conditions such as headaches, frozen shoulder, shoulder impingement, chronic hip/lower back pain, and sport related injuries.

Outside of work, Jun enjoys going for hikes, runs, and playing golf.



“Very professional and helpful. Very satisfied. Will come again.”

Sumer Guliani

“Sudarshan was very helpful and helped work on the root cause of the problem. Very grateful for some hope in this situation.”

Hermanjit Sidhu

“Awesome therapist making my knee feel better for sure, and he’s a funny guy.”

Frank Logan

“Well managed with timing. Very useful tips, and great strong treatment. Very professional and great to get treated by.”

Jason S.

“Very knowledgeable. Excellent in diagnosis. Takes the time to listen and also explain injuries / healing suggestions.”

Trevor L.

“Very good at his job, professional, not rushing, takes time explaining the treatment plan before doing it, highly recommended.”

Filomena Paderes

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