Kinesiology / Active Rehab / Personal Training

Kinesiology is the scientific understanding of how your body moves and using exercise as therapy to improve activity performance, enhance health, optimize human movement and reduce sports injuries.

Personal training and Kinesiology provide excellent complementary care giving targeted exercises for enhancing athletic performance, optimizing ergonomics, reducing pain and preventing injuries. Some common conditions treated by Kinesiologists include

Poor Nutrition

Low Energy

Posture-related Pain

Slow Reactivity

Joint Problems

Coordination Issues

Our Kinesiologist will conduct a functional movement assessment to evaluate your range of motion, flexibility, muscle strength and movement patterns. Treatments may include strengthening and endurance exercises as well as mobility and flexibility to help you achieve your personalized goals.

Put Your Health in Good Hands with Port Coquitlam’s Leading Kinesiology Team.

Exercise is Medicine. Get Your Prescription.

Don’t Just Imagine Life Without Pain & Injuries. Feel it for Yourself.


Kinesiology treatments help with motor vehicle accident injuries.


Prepare before the game. Recover better after you play. Maximize your performance.


Relieve your aches and pain. Bust your stress, anxiety and sleep better.

What to Expect?

Please bring loose or comfortable clothing and water to each session.

Each session includes:

  • Health history evaluation
  • Exercise based treatment
  • Post treatment plan follow-up

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